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Parenting CoordinationParent Coordination

Parent coordination is a court-assigned role.  It is generally appropriate in situations where a divorce judgment or decree is already in place, but where parents continue to experience high conflict or are having trouble implementing or interpreting the court's orders.  The primary function of parent coordination is to offer a responsive, cost-efficient alternative to the court system for resolving child-related disputes. 

If I am assigned as your parent coordinator, my aim will be to assist you and your ex-spouse reach agreements, either through direct negotiation, guided dispute resolution, or formal recommendation.  Though the scope of parent coordination can vary, it is generally expected that the parent coordinator will assist the parents in implementing the provisions of their judgment, monitor both parents’ compliance with the judgment, and assist them in resolving child-related disputes. As a parent coordinator, I may also recommend modifications to the judgment, but these recommendations are subject to judicial review. With respect to bold modifications that significantly alter the judgment (e.g., a transfer of legal custody from one parent to another, or substantial changes in the parenting plan), my approach is basically conservative: I only offer recommendations of this kind when I feel there is compelling evidence that the children would benefit from such a change. 

I typically begin by meeting with each parent individually. Sometimes I continue to meet with parents separately, acting as an intermediary when necessary, while at other times I meet with both parents together. Meeting together is generally preferable and more cost-effective, though not all parents are able to tolerate this. At some point, I will probably want to meet with the children in order to get a clearer picture of their personalities, needs, and interests. I will not be acting as their therapist, however, and my relationship with them will not be confidential. In essence, I will be attempting to assist you and your ex-spouse in making decisions that benefit your children while insulating them from parental conflict.  

Additional information regarding fees and policies is included in the parent coordination consent form, which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Parent Coordination Consent

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