Todd Ransford, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist


Services Offered

  • Couples Therapy
  • Individual Therapy with Adults and Adolescents 
  • Family Therapy
  • Parent-child Reunification Therapy

Guiding Philosophy

Over the years I’ve incorporated ideas and approaches from a range of theoretical perspectives.  Nonetheless, I have found that several basic notions still guide my thinking.  These are drawn from my early training in family systems theory and cognitive-behavioral approaches . 

  • I believe that people are basically competent and are always seeking to solve problems on their own.  In most cases this works well, but sometimes people get stuck and their attempted solutions either have no effect or make things worse.  I see my role as helping people get “un-stuck.” 
  • Interpersonal problems are usually caused by people setting each other off in predictable ways, producing cycles of negative influence. The key to producing change is to identify these cycles and find ways to divert them.
  • Developing insight into the past does not cause change, but behavioral change usually leads to insight.  In other words, understanding how you got depressed is not as important as identifying what keeps you depressed and how to break destructive patterns that are currently at work.  Interestingly, people often experience insight about the causes of their problems after they’ve learned to do things differently. 

Getting Started

Information about my policies, fees, and privacy practices can be found in the forms below.  For new clients, please complete the Office Policies & Informed Consent and the appropriate Background Summary: Background Summary (adult) or Background Summary (Child).  If you would like me to bill your health insurance company for therapy services, please complete the Insurance Information form.  (Note: I am currently a preferred provider with BC/BS and U.S. Benefits, but otherwise have no special insurance company affliations).  The Credit Card Authorization form is for clients who wish me to charge their VISA or Mastercard directly for co-pays and retainers.  Finally, the Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA) is a federally-mandated disclosure about how your personal information is protected and under what circumstances it may be disclosed.  I have tried to strip this document of legal jargon and recommend that you look it over. 

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